How to Join

New volunteers are welcome.  If you send us an email (, we will get back to you as soon as possible with information about our programme plus the registration paperwork, which needs to be filled in by each person:

  • a simple form with name, address, and contact details in case of emergency
  • a short, fitness-industry standard questionnaire about basic health

The forms can be brought with you when you first come to a session, but note each session must be pre-booked.  This is so that we can manage numbers appropriately.

Before you come, do check your tetanus inoculation is up-to-date.  If you are not sure about this, your GP or practice nurse should be able to help, but tell them that you will be doing agricultural work.

While at Green Gym, you will need to keep any medication you need, eg asthma inhaler, about your person (not left in the car or at home).

Please allow plenty of time for your journey, and check that you know where you are going.  It is important to be at the meeting point on time to hear things like the on-site safety information.

Tip: do not rely on an electronic device to read a map for you and/or give directions.  Many electronic devices send the unsuspecting user to the nearest ‘point of interest’ from an urbanite point of view.  That could be hundreds of yards, or even several miles, away.

Then look out a pair of sturdy boots and some old clothes, which you don’t mind getting muddy and torn, and which are up to whatever the weather can throw at us, and come along!

We do not use power tools ourselves, but sometimes we work alongside site wardens, who do.  It is essential, as a matter of safety, that all volunteers are able to understand and follow the instructions given by Green Gym leaders and site wardens.

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